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Up Stream Oil & Gas Consultancy
The global upstream business is endured its most testing environment for over a decade. The oil price decline in 2014 placed extreme pressure on the viability of new developments and returns from production operations.

Survive, adapt, and growth are the watchwords of the future as players strive to stay profitable and competitive amid industry challenges, including:

• Significantly reduced cashflow & rationing of capital investment
• Pressure from investors to improve returns
• The implications of COP21
• Finding a path to profitable growth

But the new business environment has also created opportunities. Our consultants help position your organisation for success to exploit lower operating costs and project breakevens, increased accessibility of exploration acreage, and the reduction in competition for M&A opportunities.

Our upstream oil and gas consulting team is dedicated to serving clients across every segment of the upstream, exploration and supply chain, utilising our deep research capabilities to provide strategic commercial advice.

Bulk Oil Distribution
Menxons Group is a wholly owned Ghanaian company incorporated in 2013.

We trade in crude and refined petroleum products, store and distribute to accredited OMC’s and other bulk users.
Our storage facilities serves us and others with finished products: gasoline, diesel, ethanol, additives and lubricants.

The company has since its incorporation been acclaimed for its adherence to high quality and safety standards, becoming a market leader in the storage and distribution of premium petroleum products in Ghana and across West Africa. Menxons Group is presently managed by a team of dynamic Oil Trading Executives and experts with extensive experience in petroleum trading and distribution.

1. Production – The production process starts with oil and gas wells.

2. Upstream Transportation – The mass quantities are transported by ship, rail and pipeline.

3. Refining & Storage – The refining of the petroleum products, from oil, takes place at oil refineries.

4. Bulk Distribution Companies BDCs (Downstream Transportation) – The imports fully processed PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and transports to market by vessels, trucks and pipeline. It Imports and stores the refine petroleum products at depots ready for the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to sell and distribute.

5. Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) – has bulk delivery trucks (BRV) which are used to get the PETROLEUM PRODUCTS to our outlets across the country and bulk consumers such as malls, schools and restaurants, we have small mobile distribution vehicles for homes and office deliveries which we term Door-to-door delivery.

6. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS End Users – There are many types of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS end users including commercial, agriculture, factories/industries and residential.