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Project Concept

The amphibious aircraft «Pheibious AC-26 » is a unique design of a glider, which combines an aircraft and the streamlined surface of a speedboat. This solution required serious and in-depth design studies, the use of new materials and production technologies, as well as digital approaches to design. The absence of bracing and non-retractable landing gear significantly improves aircraft performance. The streamlined surface of a boat at the base of the fuselage makes it possible to land and take off on the water surface with a wave height of 0.6 meters. The AC-26 has the amphibious property - thanks to the presence of stationary retractable three-point chassis AC-26 is able to use different types of the runway at full commercial loading in any combination of water/ ground/ grass/ asphalt/ concrete and snow. The creation of a digital double of each construction element as part of the production, allowed us to conduct data analysis and fully predict the life span of an aircraft.

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