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Mining, Exploration & Development

Universal Resource Estimate Development Limited (“URED”) is a subsidiary of Menxons Company Limited. A global mining and development company with a primary focus on the development of high-grade mineral deposits within the mining sectors. URED is committed to undertaking operations in a socially & environmentally responsible manner that is consistent with industry best practice and the safety and well-being of its people is core to the operational culture.

Specializing in exploration, extraction, separation, and digitization, the founders have invested a decade of time, meticulously planning the deployment and implementation to create a truly vertically integrated development organization. The organization's focus, at present, is the development of high-value, gold, bauxite, lithium mine and hydrocarbons across Africa. The organisation is made up of a family of subsidiary companies that are comprised and arranged to create a fully functional; exploration, mining/extraction, and mineral separation.

Establishing the Recoverable Natural Resource Estimates through the drilling, trenching, mining, and/or moving cubic meters of the earth is at the foundation of what we do. Our current strategy is to acquire interests in shallow water and land oil and gas assets with existing discoveries, and continue to invest in the appraisal or further exploration to accelerate commerciality. We specialise in reducing the time from exploration/appraisal to production and thrive to be a leading low-cost, safe and efficient operator. With our proprietary minerals exploration technology, URED is able to identify and measure different parameters without direct contact relying on it s remote sensing technology. By so doing, URED is able to know exactly where to drill and mine, which is highly efficient and profitable.